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Protect your smile with a Custom Fitted Mouthguard.

At Bayfield Dental, we strongly recommend custom fitted mouthguards to all our patients who are involved in contact sports.

The most common dental injuries occur from sporting accidents and can be prevented or minimised with the use of a custom fitted mouthguard.

We have seen first hand the type of devastating trauma that can result when either no mouthguard or a poorly fitting boil and bite chemist mouthguard is worn.

Custom fitted mouthguards offer the best protection for your teeth and gums while playing sport.

Most sports recommend mouthguards but in particular Hockey, Football, Soccer, Rugby, Netball, Basketball, Martial Arts, Water Polo and any other extreme or contact sports.

At Bayfield Dental we can provide all our patients with custom fitted mouthguards in a range of colours including your team’s colours.

Don’t put your child’s teeth at risk, the consequences are life changing. 
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