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root canal treatment surgery
At Bayfield Dental our dentists go to great lengths to save our patients natural teeth.

  • All our dentists at Bayfield Dental are highly trained in root canal treatment.
  • Our visiting Endodontist, Dr Greg Tilley can provide single visit root canal treatments for more complex cases.  
Root canal treatment is required to treat; a tooth with an infected nerve, a largely decayed tooth, or a traumatised tooth. Usually the only option other than root canal treatment is to have the tooth removed. This procedure is usually completed over a few appointments.

Root canal treatment allows patients to keep their teeth for longer and avoid the multitude of problems associated with the loss of teeth. Our dentists use only the most up to date and proven root canal techniques. 

Single Visit Root Canal Treatment

At Bayfield Dental we are lucky to offer the services of Dr Greg Tilley, Endodontist. Dr Tilley is a root canal specialist whose principle practice is in Melbourne. Dr Tilley visits Bayfield Dental every month to provide treatment for those patients who have complex endodontic problems.

At Bayfield Dental we recognise that some root canal problems need to be managed by a specialist. In these instances, the patient will be referred to Dr Tilley who is often able to complete this treatment in a single visit. This service may also suit the anxious patient who would prefer to have the root canal treatment completed in a single appointment.
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