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Cosmetic dentistry appointment in Hobart
Modern dental technology to create your ideal smile.

Most of us have that something that we would like to improve about our smile. Whether it is as small as a stain on a front tooth or as large as a complete new smile altogether, we can help. At Bayfield Dental we take the time to listen to our patients and their concerns. We will work with you to plan the treatment that will best suit you and your expectations.

We also work closely with a variety of dental specialists so that we are able to provide advanced treatment options to our patients. This allows our patients access to the best care possible. 

Cosmetic dentistry usually involves a combination of treatment modalities. For example, tooth whitening, crown and bridge work and veneers.

Feel free to consult with us at Bayfield Dental to discuss the treatment options available to you and for us to construct a treatment plan and cost estimate for you.
Call us today on 03 6244 5993 or 03 6224 4484 to book an appointment.
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